Lecture Pod 6

Data Visualization

David McCandless hosts a TED talk explaining data visualization and its importance in today’s world. As a society and with today’s technology we a re producing more data than we ever have, allowing us to work with this data in opening new worlds and leads to information.

McCandless continues to show the audience several different types of data visualization. The sets of data are humorous in a way, yet can be read clear and concise in the accuracy and simple details, demonstrating how through data we can develop these new ideas and information to reveal interesting things. He continues to say:

But if you look at it directly, it’s just a lot of numbers and disconnected facts. But if you start working with it and playing with it in a certain way, interesting things can appear and different patterns can be revealed.”

McCandless goes on to mention that seeing data in context is very important; as visual representations of data are not there to just look pretty, they are guides in leading  individuals to the story or answer to their questions. Overall, McCandless demonstrates these importance of data visualization and how information design is about solving information problems.

Click here to view video.


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