Lecture Pod 5

What is data journalism?

Data journalism is the use of information, data and key data elements to develop stories.   As creators and analyzers of data we can use stories to create and find new patterns in data and use data to create new stories. Not only does data journalism focus on the source of the data, but it allows us to exhibit the data in all its entirety. This form of journalism allows data and stories to work hand in hand in presenting and informing individuals of key information.

In today’s world, data has existed for hundreds of years, where as data journalism did not exist till 2009. With today’s technology and the use of data it has opened up a world which allows us to interpret and create visual data on new levels. From simple printed visuals, to now interactive graphs and data, technology has allowed data and their stories to grow almost effortlessly.

A great example of the development of data visualization in journalism was a project created and developed by the guardian (2013), which showcased the Olympic nations and how other areas aside from athletic abilities would affect their performance at the Olympics. The data was set clearly and was concise allowing the audience to create endless stories and develop even more stories with focusing on specific areas of their desired country. This is a prime example in the development of data journalism and how it is used to create stories.


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