Lecture Pod 4

Why do we use graphs?

With the abundance of data and information in today’s world, graphs can be used to gather and display this data accordingly. We use graphs to make data comparisons easier. When creating graphs some shapes can be more effective when representing the data. Circles for example can be used using different size, although circles can cause some misjudgment when analyzing data, squares can be very effective in being very effective in accuracy of data representation.

Different graphic approaches can tailor to different types of human perception. Specific types of graphs can allow the audience/viewers to take a better perception of the data presented allowing the correct information to be processed

Bar Chart – Popular because they are very useful, easy to use and many have a familiarity to them which is a big advantage. Quick to compare Ā information and to compare data across categories.

Line Chart – Primary use is to display trends and changes within data over a period time.

Pie Chart – Used mostly to compare data in percentages.


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